It’s 254 miles up, orbiting the earth, and now the International Space Station has a new piece of equipment aboard, thanks to a Ventura County scientist.

A microscope created with help from a lecturer at California State University Channel Islands is being used on the ISS. 

An interim President has been selected for a South Coast university.

Richard Yao will lead Cal State Channel Islands starting in January.  He’s currently CSUCI’s Vice President for Student Affairs.  Yao will be the university’s third President.  It’s a milestone for the university, because he will be the first person of color to lead the Camarillo campus.

The police departments at two universities on the Central and South Coasts have joined in a statewide pledge not to use a controversial choke hold.

The police chiefs at all 23 campuses in the Cal State University system have pledged that their departments will not use carotid control holds.  The action is a response to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

The family of a Ventura County nurse who died unexpectedly this year decided they wanted to do something special with a large art collection she assembled over the decades, and has donated it to a university. Cherie Nedderman collected nearly 60 outdoor paintings of Southern California done by various artists between 1905 and 1965.

“Creator, we come in a good way today. We come with honor creator, dignity, respect, to do something good.”

That’s Raudel Banuelos, Vice Tribal Chair of the Barbareño/Ventureño Band Of Chumash Mission Indians.

He was blessing Cal State University Channels Islands students and volunteers as they cleared a path on the sacred Chumash site. 

In a game with thousands of participants from all across the world, a team of South Coast business students have come out on top.

As part of their capstone class, four students at Cal State Channel Islands ran a simulated footwear company in an online business competition, and tied for first place.

Photo by Gareth Harris

It may be hard to believe, but the brain, nervous system and genome of a particular type of worm is similar to that of humans. And that’s why several students at a South Coast college are conducting research with these kinds of worms to better understand how humans make decisions. 

The works of an acclaimed author, poet, and social commentator who died in 2015 have been donated to a South Coast university. Michele Serros was known for her commentaries on life straddling the worlds of pop culture, and her Mexican-American heritage.

Classes will resume Thursday morning at a South Coast university, after being cancelled Wednesday by reports of an assault on campus involving an armed woman.

Cal State Channel Islands officials say a female student was physically assaulted by another female student in a restroom in the Bell Tower building. CSUCI Police say the attacker brandished a handgun in Wednesday’s 11 a.m. incident, but no shots were reported.

A South Coast university campus was shut down after a student was attacked in a restroom.

Cal State Channel Islands officials say a female student was physically assaulted by another female student in the university's Bell Tower building Wednesday morning. CSUCI Police say the attacker brandished a handgun.

A nonprofit health care organization on the South Coast which acts like an HMO for Medi-Cal beneficiaries is teaming up with a local university to help train nursing students.

The Gold Coast Health Plan is working with Cal State Channel Islands to give them some hands-on experience.

A nursing program on the South Coast is getting a major new grant to beef up its scholarship program.

Cal State Channel Islands is receiving $200,000 from the Grossman Community Foundation.

(Photo courtesy CSUCI)

A South Coast university announced that it will honor the former Second Lady of the United States at its commencement ceremonies this year.

Tipper Gore will receive an honorary doctorate from Cal State Channel Islands during the May 19th ceremonies.

A foundation has donated more than $200,000 to help veterans who are students at a South Coast university.

The Dr. Richard Grossman Burn Foundation is giving $220,000 to the Cal State Channel Islands Veterans Affair Program.

Some Cal State Channel Islands students are digging through a treasure trove of political history.

It’s eight decades of political memorabilia donated to the university by the family of a longtime political activist in Ventura County.  The students will not only research the hundreds of items in the collection, they'll catalog them , and create online and physical exhibitions.