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Discover a world of difference with KCLU Sponsorship/Advertising!

KCLU is the #1 NPR station for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, delivering 131,000+ weekly listeners!

KCLU Sponsorship packages are tailored to meet a client's marketing and budget goals.

KCLU is the only truly uncluttered radio station in the market. KCLU only has three (3) 30-second sponsor spots available per hour. Your message never airs next to another sponsor!

KCLU Sponsorship opportunities include:

· Weekly Schedules - Tailored to an advertiser's marketing and budget goals
· Traffic and Weather Sponsorships - Broadcasting Monday through Friday in Morning Edition (AM Drive) and All Things Considered (PM Drive)
· Business Reporting Sponsorship - Includes Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace and the Pacific Business Times Local Business Report
· Local News Sponsorship - KCLU Radio is the winner of more Golden Mike Awards than any other Tri-Counties radio, or TV station
· Annual Holiday Specials Sponsorship - include category exclusive sponsorship of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years program specials
· KCLU Speaker Series Sponsorship - a once year live event featuring the best of public radio programming and talent e.g. past events featured Tom Ashbrook, Terri Gross, Ask Me Another and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me with Mobile: delivers 27,000 monthly pageviews, 12,000 monthly users and 19,700 sessions.

· Banner Campaigns Available - Quarterly campaigns minimum
· Banner Ad Sizes:

Leaderboard Ad: 728W x 50H
Medium Rectangle Ad: 300W x 250H
Mobile Ad: 320W x 50H Packages are tailored to your business and budget goals.

Sponsorship / Advertising Contact:

Rick Pack, Sponsorships, (805) 230-2230,
Mary Olson, General Manager KCLU, (805) 493-3900,

KCLU’s NPR Listeners are your Best Customers!

KCLU/NPR listeners are… compared to Non-KCLU listeners:

· 138% more likely to be Self-Employed Professional
· 144% more likely to hold an Upper Management or Professional Position
· 114% more likely to have the job title President
· 99% more likely to have HH income of $100,000-$149,999
· 127% more likely to have HH income of $150,000+
· 145% more like to Own Securities valued above $150,000
· 83% more likely to own a Luxury Car
· 59% more likely to Drink Domestic Wine
· 36% more likely to Dine Out
· 65% more likely to walk for exercise
· 34% more likely to have exercised 2+ times per week

Source: MRI Doublebase 2018Base: Total U.S. Adults