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John Palminteri / KEYT

In a ceremony not often seen in Santa Barbara , the Spanish government issued the royal Orden de Isabel la Católica the evening of Wednesday, April 25.


The award went to David Bolton, the executive director of the California Missions Foundation.

The usual time allocation for public comment at the beginning of Santa Barbara City Council meetings is being changed.

The old policy allowed those who wanted to speak to give their two minutes to someone else to use, for a maximum total of 10 minutes.

A popular South Coast park which underwent a major renovation reopened Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend. The City of Santa Barbara’s Cabrillo Ball Park, at Cabrillo Boulevard and Milpas Street, underwent a $1.5 million dollar renovation.

The City of Santa Barbara has been known for years as having strict design and construction rules.

The owners of the Montecito Inn are coming up against those rules in an attempt to add an awning to their building on Coast Village Road.

Santa Barbara leaders are tired of illegal signs that have popped up city-wide.

They say they have received 80 complaints.

During the two disasters, the city says they relaxed the enforcement on businesses and now they have seen widespread violations.

Millions of dollars will be going towards the construction of a much needed bike path on the South Coast.

The California Transportation Commission has granted $15 million to the city of Santa Barbara to build the Las Positas/Modoc Off-Street Bike Path. It has been in the city’s plans for decades.

A South Coast city may start including social responsibility in its investment decisions.

The City of Santa Barbara is looking at adding a clause to its current policy which would discourage investing in businesses involved in weapons, tobacco products, nuclear power, and fossil fuel. The City’s Finance Committee developed the proposal which goes to the full city council Tuesday.

One South Coast city is considering tightening its anti-smoking ordinance.

The City of Santa Barbara is considering an update to its smoking ordinance which would ban smoking at city beaches, parks, sports fields, and trails.

Stearns Wharf would be off limits, as well as the outdoor areas of community centers, libraries, parking lots, and parking structures.

The proposal would include tobacco products, vaping devices, plus both medical and non-medical marijuana.

Santa Barbara's quaint downtown with boutiques, restaurants and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences may have served the area well over the years, but changes are likely coming.

Commercial realtors say there are currently over 45 vacancies in the core downtown area.

Insect infestations, dangerous electrical wiring, and severe mold are just some of the issues building inspectors say they found in some South Coast housing.

Now, a real estate owner and landlord in Santa Barbara County who’s been at odds with government agencies for years over the safety and cleanliness of some of his properties is facing a major new government lawsuit.

After a tense meeting, the Santa Barbara City Council supported an increase of nearly $10 million to pay for the final work on the new desalination plant.

The total cost for the plant will be around $70 million, up from $55 million originally estimated.

The Santa Barbara bicycle master plan has been supported by city leaders to make the streets safer for bike riders and drivers.

Transportation officials have been a topic of widespread debates community meetings and redesigns for months.

They have been especially concerned about the way the roads have been shared during the heavy commute hours, and also the high rate of injury accidents in recent years between cars and bikes.

The Santa Barbara waterfront area on State Street from the railroad tracks to Stearns Wharf has for weeks been under construction, for the La Entrada Hotel and retail project, which has just concluded.

Santa Barbara is working to improve 41 intersections, mainly in the downtown area, to have better signals, more synchronization and other safety elements.

After months of strained relationships between city leaders, bike groups, residents and planners, the city of Santa Barbara is now closer to reaching an agreement on a bicycle master plan.