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A South Coast city is extending an emergency ordinance which clears the way for continued outdoor business operations.

The City of Santa Barbara first adopted the ordinance in May, and extended it through December 8th.  At the time, the Santa Barbara City Council added a clause to extend the relief through March 8th if the crisis was continuing.

After large public rallies and hours of comment presented to the city council, the city of Santa Barbara has decided to form a civilian police review and accountability system.

Newly released tax figures in one South Cost city illustrate how deeply the coronavirus crisis has cut into tourism and hotel occupancy.

The City of Santa Barbara’s transient occupancy tax went from $1.4 million dollars in March of 2019 to $576,000 in March of 2020.  That’s a drop of 60%. 

The head of a South Coast government agency which recently came under fire from a grand jury announced he is leaving to take another job. George Buell is stepping down as Director of the City of Santa Barbara’s Community Development Department.  Buell has served as head of the agency since 2014.

A popular community pool on the South Coast that's been closed for weeks by the coronavirus crisis is set to reopen, but with a number of rules to prevent the spread of the virus.

The City of Santa Barbara's Los Banos del Mar pool will reopen Tuesday.

Even though many people have been staying home during the coronavirus crisis, the Police Chief in Santa Barbara says that there has been an uptick in crime.

In a meeting with the City Council, officials brought up youth violence, petty thefts, smash and grabs, as well as some high profile cases like a shooting on Easter and a stabbing.

Another South Coast city has announced new restrictions on park usage. Most of the City of Santa Barbara’s parks remain open. But now all picnic sites are closed, and all group activities are banned.

Santa Barbara is increasing penalties for the misuse of shopping carts by those who have taken them off of a store's property, as well as businesses who don't collect them.

The city's Ordinance Committee takes up the issue Tuesday afternoon.

Santa Barbara has added more staff to improve enforcement out of its City Attorney's Office.

Over the last few years, the office has been in need of extra staff as the caseload has gone up in areas including code enforcement, vacation rentals, criminal prosecutions, and nuisance abatements.

An oversupply of space, and above market rental rates are some of the concerns identified in a new report about the surge in business vacancies in downtown Santa Barbara. A new report commissioned by the City of Santa Barbara identifies a number of issues.

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In a ceremony not often seen in Santa Barbara , the Spanish government issued the royal Orden de Isabel la Católica the evening of Wednesday, April 25.


The award went to David Bolton, the executive director of the California Missions Foundation.

The usual time allocation for public comment at the beginning of Santa Barbara City Council meetings is being changed.

The old policy allowed those who wanted to speak to give their two minutes to someone else to use, for a maximum total of 10 minutes.

A popular South Coast park which underwent a major renovation reopened Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend. The City of Santa Barbara’s Cabrillo Ball Park, at Cabrillo Boulevard and Milpas Street, underwent a $1.5 million dollar renovation.

The City of Santa Barbara has been known for years as having strict design and construction rules.

The owners of the Montecito Inn are coming up against those rules in an attempt to add an awning to their building on Coast Village Road.

Santa Barbara leaders are tired of illegal signs that have popped up city-wide.

They say they have received 80 complaints.

During the two disasters, the city says they relaxed the enforcement on businesses and now they have seen widespread violations.