Caroline Feraday


Caroline has been broadcasting the news since she could talk – she would tear the pages from newspapers and present news updates to her classmates at school, when she was just 8-years-old.


She started her broadcasting career in BBC Radio, in the UK, when she grew up and worked on radio and television in the UK for 20 years before moving to Los Angeles in 2013.


Caroline was awarded the Prince Philip Medal for her services to radio and journalism in the UK.  She is now an American citizen and  lives in Agoura Hills with her daughter, and joined the KCLU team in 2020.


You can email Caroline here.

Courtesy of Ventura County Responds

Accidental fatal overdoses in Ventura County have dramatically increased over the last year.  

203 deaths were ruled to be as a result of an accidental overdose in 2020, compared to 128 the previous year. 

Courtesy of Ventura County Transportation Commission

If you’ve ever been stuck on the 101 with a flat tire, or stuck behind someone with a flat tire, then a new program to provide emergency roadside assistance on some segments of the highway in Ventura County will be good news. 

The idea is that a fleet of roving tow trucks are stationed along sections of Ventura County’s highways – and they’ll spring into action to clear disabled vehicles and assist motorists – and help to keep traffic flowing.



It might not be what you expect a football player to be doing now that the Superbowl is over and another champion has been crowned.

However, NFL Linebacker and Ventura County-native Cassius Marsh is opening a unique store in his home town - trading cards. 

Courtesy of Santa Barbara Symphony

We may not be able to attend concerts in person, but a South Coast orchestra has found a way to both honor healthcare workers AND bring live music into our homes.

The Santa Barbara Symphony is honoring the medical community in a live-stream concert this weekend.


Our law enforcement officers are often at the front line of traumatic events, and a new Foundation – set up by Oxnard Police Department, aims to support officers’ wellbeing, as well as improve community relations. 

The non-profit has been established to provide wellness support to officers, as well as to bridge gaps in supporting community events.

Would you like to come face to face with a moving T-Rex…or stroll past a Stegosaurus?

That’s going to be possible in Santa Barbara, as the Natural History Museum open an outdoor “Prehistoric Forest” – after Coronavirus restrictions closed the museum for weeks.

Whether it’s wildfires or debris flow, many of us on the Central and South Coasts have been affected by the climate crisis.

Now, a local non-profit is piloting a new certification course, taught virtually, empowering local residents to become climate change activists. 


While many of us were watching the Inauguration of Joe Biden, a Ventura County mom was in labor and getting set to give birth to her daughter Fin – a so-called “pandemic baby”.

KCLU has been following their story and caught up with sleep-deprived mom Gennessee Semler.

Courtesy of County of Ventura

What if, alongside books, you could borrow a toolkit from your local library, designed to help with home energy savings?

That’s what some Ventura County Libraries are now offering. 


Have you heard of Cocoa Bombs? They are the exploding hot chocolate craze that both look and taste amazing. 

Ventura County chocolate maker Jackie Rome says they are the trend that saved her home-run business in the coronavirus pandemic. 

Courtesy of Conejo Valley Recreation and Parks

It’s a celebration of love – but how can we celebrate Valentine’s Day this week when we have to keep apart? 

In Ventura County this year, you could consider sending a “Cupid Car” – a socially-distanced love-gram you can send to drop off a gift to someone you love. 

One of the biggest employers on the South Coast has announced job cuts. 

Biotech giant Amgen, which employs around 5500 people at their main campus in Ventura County, confirmed the layoffs.

The lion cub, conceived and welcomed during the pandemic lockdown at Santa Barbara Zoo, is finally on show to visitors. 

Pauline, who was born last November, can now be seen exploring her outdoor habitat at the zoo, with both of her parents, Ralph and Felicia. 

Courtesy of City of Santa Maria Utilities Department

Some businesses on the Central Coast are being offered help with recycling around the work place.

Indoor recycling bins are being provided by the City of Santa Maria. 

Eagle Scout is the most prestigious rank for Boy Scouts.

And two teens from Ventura County are set to make history next week when they are set to become two of the nation’s first female Eagle Scouts.