A years-long strategy to control large crowds and rowdy behavior in Isla Vista due to the unpermitted Deltopia event seems to be working.

The thousands-strong beach party took over Isla Vista shores in 2010; since then, legions of partygoers have attended what's become a weekend-long event originally known as Floatopia.

(Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office photo)

It was a busy weekend for some law enforcement officers on the South Coast, with an estimated 10,000 people showing up in Isla Vista for an unsanctioned, unsponsored spring break party.

Santa Barbara County, UC Santa Barbara, and UCSB student organizations have again taken a number of steps to prevent what had become an annual unsponsored, unpermitted spring break  party in Isla Vista.

(Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office photo)

An unsponsored, unsanctioned spring break party occurred in Isla Vista over the weekend, but a number of steps by UC Santa Barbara, public safety agencies and the community helped keep it from becoming a large out of control event.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office officials say 6,000 to 8,000 people were on hand in IV, more than last year but still down substantially to the 20,000 plus people who took part in 2014. 42 people were arrested, and 68 cited.

The Deltopia street party in Santa Barbara's Isla Vista community has been a large-scale challenge for the county in the past.

In recent years, news rules have slowed the unpermitted event down.