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Isla Vista Beaches Closed For Weekend To Block Large Scale Spring Break Parties

Santa Barbara County, UC Santa Barbara, and UCSB student organizations have again taken a number of steps to prevent what had become an annual unsponsored, unpermitted spring break  party in Isla Vista.

What became known as “Deltopia” grew out of control several years ago on Isla Vista beaches, creating issues ranging from alcohol poisoning to mounds of garbage left behind in the sand. There was no official sponsor, but students would spread news of the party via social media.

Santa Barbara County responded by closing the beaches during weekends when Deltopia was being planned.

The Associated Students organization has also responded with a weekend long series of alternative events, including a concert at the UCSB Events Center Saturday night. There haven’t Deltopia issues now for the past few years, and the cold, wet weather expected for this weekend is expected to provide another block to large scale parties occurring.

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