Another South Coast city has announced new restrictions on park usage. Most of the City of Santa Barbara’s parks remain open. But now all picnic sites are closed, and all group activities are banned.

Jonathan Stanger is doing a lunchtime concert in the most unlikely of spots. He’s standing in the planter of a driveway to a shopping center just off of Thousand Oaks Boulevard, in Thousand Oaks, playing his saxophone. The professional musician normally performs at high end events, like parties and at estate showings. But, coronavirus has cleared is normally busy performance schedule.

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts now tops 400. Ventura County has 177 cases, Santa Barbara County 139, and San Luis Obispo County 89, for a regional total of 405. Ventura County has had a sixth death, a person in their 70’s with a pre-existing condition. There have been seven deaths in the region. Among the newest confirmed coronavirus cases is a City of Santa Barbara Police officer. The officer is reported to be at home recovering.

Federal health officials say some of the international coronavirus research shows that people could potentially be contagious before showing symptoms of the virus.

Dr. Henning Ansorg is Santa Barbara County’s Public Health Officer.  He says they are calling these people presymptomatic.  Ansorg says the research shows people could be contagious two days before they exhibit symptoms.

"Floatopia" is the name of a large unsponsored, unsanctioned party which would sometimes take place at some Santa Barbara County beaches around spring break.  There hasn't been a major event in a few years, after authorities took a number of steps to prevent the gatherings.

Following the example of some major grocery stores that are putting plastic shields between clerks and customers, some gas stations are doing the same thing.

Price Management owns a number of gas stations in the Santa Barbara and Goleta area, including franchise locations of Shell, Fuel Depot, and Chevron.

A team of public media reporters are gathering information from California health departments every day to keep you updated on the latest confirmed cases and deaths due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus is a hard, and sometimes scary thing for us to face. But picture this. You are an international college student from halfway around the world, going to school in Ventura County. Naomi Mbise is a global studies student at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. It’s her first school year in America, and as you can image, it’s taken a very unexpected twist.

A Central Coast City has announced it’s laying off more than half of its part time employees.

The City of Santa Maria notified 93 of what it calls “limited service” workers that there is nothing for them to do, and that they should apply for unemployment.

The Santa Barbara Library is writing a new book for itself as coronavirus impacts its services.

The doors to the library are closed, but some staff still remain on duty to handle shipping books out.

The number of people testing positive for coronavirus on the Central and South Coasts is nearing 300.

There are now 287 confirmed cases, with four deaths.  Ventura County has 126 cases, Santa Barbara County 88 and San Luis Obispo County 77.

Courtesy Alexia Serrano

As businesses of all types struggle to adapt during the coronavirus crisis, one South Coast farmhouse is working to stay afloat. 

Unlike many businesses, the Cabra Farmhouse in Newbury Park has not laid off any employees, because those employees are goats. 

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts continues to grow, with the total approaching the 250 mark. Health officials on the Central and South Coasts have been cautioning for weeks that the number of cases would continue to grow before we finally see relief. Those numbers are still increasing.

The statistics being released by health officials in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties show that coronavirus has spread to most communities in the region.  It started a few weeks ago with scattered breakouts.  Now, it seems like it’s showed up just about everywhere on the Central and South Coasts.

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts continues to grow, now topping 200 for the first time. The official is now 229 in the region. Ventura County is now reporting 98 confirmed coronavirus cases. Santa Barbara County is at 64, and San Luis Obispo County 67.