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Bill To Implement Employer-Led Contact Tracing Introduced By State Senator


A state senator, who represents parts of our region, has introduced a bill which would require employees to notify their employer if they test positive for COVID-19.

Democratic State Senator Henry Stern of Malibu introduced SB-46 this week.

The bill would require employers to implement contact tracing programs and have employees report a positive test to their employer.

Stern says it’s essential in the battle against COVID-19.

"I went through the same anxieties in a very small way that I think a lot of workers around the state of California are going through every day," he told KCLU News. 

"I thought if I'm this anxious trying to walk into the Capitol about whether my fellow senators and assembly embers have tested or are in contact tracing, I can't imagine how harrowing it is to be a frontline worker out there.

"So we figured we've got to act and do something in law to rebuilt trust."