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New Year New You? The Challenge Of Making And Keeping Resolutions Amid A Health Crisis

Debi Carlin

Maybe it’s giving up smoking or walking ten thousand steps a day, but the question we usually get asked this time of year is "did you set any New Year’s resolutions?"

However, during a pandemic, setting new goals is more challenging than ever.

Debi Carlin, a Ventura County fitness and life-balance coach, helps her clients to find balance, during this difficult time for so many. 

"This is a year where we are coming out of and still in a dark place. We want to get out of the dark and come into the light. It starts with self-care.

"There are a lot of things which are interconnected that feed us in life, in addition to the food that we eat." 

Carlin says it's important to stay strong so that we can help ourselves and those around us who might need us. 

Credit Debi Carlin

"The one way to put yourself back in the center is to make some changes. You have to keep yourself emotionally stable as well as physically in shape. It all starts with how we nourish ourselves. 

"Right now we are grabbing the comfort foods, the sugar, the alcohol, things that make us feel a little bit addicted.  There are ways to get off of that but you have to start with the baby steps towards it. 

"First and foremost is hydration. Just to drink an extra glass of water every day."

So by setting smaller more attainable goals this year, maybe we can find a way to stick to our resolutions.

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