sexual predator

Officials in two counties are wrangling over what to do with a sexually violent predator from Ventura eligible for release from a state mental health facility. Ross Leo Wollschlager was convicted in 1983 of two rapes. Then, in 1989, while still on probation, he was convicted of child molestation.

Authorities are warning people about a sexual predator on the loose on the South Coast. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies say two women have been assaulted along the coast near Santa Barbara in less than a week. They think the same man may be responsible for both attacks.

A sexually violent predator once considered so dangerous after his release he was watched by government funded security guards around the clock has been granted his unconditional release.

After expert witnesses testified that Tibor Karsai no longer met the criteria for being a sexually violent predator, a Santa Barbara County Superior Court judge ruled he had no choice other than to grant the change in status.