A unique event on the South Coast this week is trying to educate people about waste. 

The city of Oxnard is hosting an event to highlight the dangers straws and other single-use plastics pose to the ocean and marine life.

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A new webcam in the Channel Islands, on Anacapa Island is providing what researchers are calling the first ever live view of a peregrine falcon nest, with three eggs in the process of hatching. The falcons are amazing. They’ve been tracked diving for prey at more than 240 miles an hour, making them fastest recorded animal.

Photo by Community Environmental Council

Some nonprofits across the South and Central Coasts will be able to go solar at no cost.

The Community Environmental Council is launching a new pilot program called Solarize Nonprofit.

It’s a term you’ve heard a lot recently in the news on the Central and South Coasts. People have been fighting for “Environmental Justice.”

The label has been used extensively in the battle in Oxnard as many members of the community have rallied to fight a proposal to build a fourth power plant in the city. A U-C Santa Barbara sociologist who's written a new book on the subject says while the issue isn’t a new one, the label for it is relatively recent.

The City of Santa Barbara has agreed to a goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

City leaders and environmentalists have taken the action as President Trump has backed the country out of the Paris Climate Accords.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the fruits and vegetables you eat don’t start out at the supermarket. Instead, they begin with a seed. You could take an entire college course on how a seed turns into what ends up on your dinner plate. But, this course is being taught to an unusually young audience on the South Coast.

Preschoolers – ages three to five – are learning about gardening, sustainability, eating healthy and the environment.

It’s a tiny, newborn chick in a remote area of Ventura County, which isn’t even 24 hours old yet. But, it’s become a huge star on the internet, because it was the first California Condor chick to hatch in the wild during a live webcast.

A team of volunteers from the Central and South Coasts is taking part in a very unique census effort.

For nearly 100 days a year, for eight hours a day, volunteers are camped out on a scenic bluff near U-C Santa Barbara, scanning the ocean for gray whales. It’s an important part of efforts to assess the state of the gray whale population.

Many new buildings on the Central and South Coast are getting high marks for being environmentally friendly.

But, a historic old building in Santa Barbara is now celebrating being certified as a “green” business.

The Lobero Theater’s multi-million dollar facelift included low flow toilets and eco-friendly lighting and landscaping. The theater also uses biodegradable products for food services, and has a composting program for scraps.

The Lobero will be honored for its efforts at a Green Business event in Buellton tomorrow.

One of the White House’s top environmental officials got a closeup look at the Channel Islands today, as part of an effort to get kids interested in visiting the nation’s parks.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell toured the Channel Islands by boat, and was briefed on efforts to help the Island Fox make a comeback from near extinction.

Grab your umbrellas, because it could be a very soggy weekend.

Two storm systems are on their way to the Central and South Coasts. National Weather Service forecasters say the first cold front will swing through the region Saturday night, and early Sunday.

There’s a major new development in a controversy over plans to ship thousands of truckloads of sand from Ventura County to Malibu for a project to try to prevent coastal erosion.

KCLU’s Lance Orozco has an update on the story we first brought you Thursday.

Would you want hundreds of trucks a week full of sand passing through your community? Most people wouldn’t.

Efforts by a special district in Malibu to get sand from Ventura County quarries to stop some coastal erosion by creating a new beach have triggered a battle involving two cities, and the county over truck routes.

They are unique, one of a kind landmarks off our coastline which have been home to unique plants and animals, as well as some of California’s earliest residents.

But most of us don’t know a lot about the Channel Islands, and many people have never visited them.

Now, an ambitious documentary called “West of the West - Tales From California’s Channel Islands” is trying to tell the islands story.

A South Coast wastewater treatment plant which had a major spill into the ocean last month is reporting new problems.