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Unique Event On South Coast This Week To Educate People About Dangers Of Straws And Other Plastics


A unique event on the South Coast this week is trying to educate people about waste. 

The city of Oxnard is hosting an event to highlight the dangers straws and other single-use plastics pose to the ocean and marine life.

“Plastics break down into smaller and smaller pieces and become what’s called microplastics. And those microplastics are ingested into fish and other marine animals, into the corral and everything that’s around the ocean. We eat the fish, so we are ingesting those microplastics,” says Trish Honigsberg with the city of Oxnard.

She says choosing to not use a plastic straw can help the environment. Honigsberg says in the U.S., 175 billion straws a year are discarded and fill up landfills and litter waterways and oceans.

The free event this Thursday at 6 pm at the Oxnard Performing Arts and Convention Center will screen the film STRAWS, host a panel discussion on plastics and give out 200 reusable stainless streel straws and water bottles.