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New Webcam In Channel Islands Allows World To Watch Peregrine Falcon Family

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A new webcam in the Channel Islands, on Anacapa Island is providing what researchers are calling the first ever live view of a peregrine falcon nest, with three eggs in the process of hatching. The falcons are amazing. They’ve been tracked diving for prey at more than 240 miles an hour, making them fastest recorded animal.

The falcons have long been a part of the Channel Islands environment. But, in the late 1940’s man-made DDT pollution dumped into the ocean off the California coastline entered the food chain. As the falcons, and other birds ate contaminated fish, the concentrated DDT cause their eggs to have shells so thin they weren’t viable. After the pollution was stopped, the DDT concentrations slowly started to dissipate.

Biologists worked to re-introduce the peregrine falcons to the islands. Researchers say they are now thriving in the islands, with about 50 mating pairs. They are hoping the new webcam will help them learn more about the the falcons lives.

Now, you can watch the peregrine falcon family, which is growing this week. As of Monday, one egg had hatched, a second was in the process, and a third is expected to hatch sometime this week.

Yvonne Menard, with the National Park Service, says the webcam is part of a network of a half-dozen cameras which allow you to see nature in action live from the Channel Islands.