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The building of the world’s largest animal crossing

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Living Habitats LLC
The National Wildlife Federation
An artistic rendering of what the crossing will look like from the south of Highway 101. The crossing is full of firsts with design and engineering never seen before. The crossing will be 170 feet wide and 210 feet long – that’s like the width of an American football field going over 10 lanes of highway.

There’s a spot on Highway 101 in Agoura Hills, California – it’s pretty inconspicuous. There’s brown and green rolling hills on either side of the highway. Homes are sprinkled here and there. And then a small metal gate that leads off on a hiking trail. You probably wouldn’t know it, but soon this spot will be the location of the world’s largest animal crossing.

This crossing will reconnect habitats that have been cut off from each other for a century and it’ll do it over a highway that is constantly buzzing with cars. It’s a massive project full of firsts.

On this episode of The One Oh One, the building of the world’s largest animal crossing.

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This episode won Best Podcast Feature Reporting at the 73rd Golden Mike Awards - honoring excellence in broadcast journalism.

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