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What exceptional drought is doing to Ventura County’s water supply

Anton Ivanchenko
Ventura County is in an ‘exceptional drought’, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor Map. Ventura is not alone. Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties are a little better off but both are in ‘severe drought’. More than 30 million people in California are experiencing some kind of drought and the state has just recorded the driest year in nearly a century.

Ventura County is in an exceptional drought and it’s been like this since late July. Local water suppliers call the situation pretty dismal.

Even though we’re in California's traditional rainy season, there’s not much rain on the horizon and climate change is making the situation even more precarious.

In this episode of The One Oh One, the impact of exceptional drought on one county’s water supply and how drought and climate change will require big changes in our water infrastructure.

You can read the digital version of this episode here.

Michelle Loxton joined KCLU in June 2021 as Podcast and Digital Content Producer.