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After large public rallies and hours of comment presented to the city council, the city of Santa Barbara has decided to form a civilian police review and accountability system.

After recent protests and rallies for police reform brought about by the death of George Floyd, the City of Santa Barbara is considering adding a civilian police review system.

Ventura County prosecutors say no charges will be filed in connection with a low speed collision involving a pickup truck, and some protesters in Ventura.

It happened June 7th, outside of the Ventura County Government Center.  Demonstrators were on the sidewalk, but also on Victoria Avenue.  

Another law enforcement agency on the Central and South Coasts will no longer use a controversial type of hold sometimes used to subdue suspects. 

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office announced deputies will no longer be allowed to use carotid holds.  The action comes following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies are the latest law enforcement officers to condemn the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. 

They say they are angry and disgusted over the actions of a few which have cast a shadow on their profession.

(Oxnard Police photo)

There’s been an arrest in connection with an incident in which people drove cars into a South Coast park, then did doughnuts on the grass while a protest march was taking place.

It happened Wednesday night, in the downtown Oxnard area. 

Video posted on social media has led to the arrest of a Ventura County woman, after detectives say she sprayed a teenage protester with pepper spray during a demonstration over the death of George Floyd.

The incident happened Sunday night during a rally in Thousand Oaks.  

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The protests over the death of George Floyd continue across the nation, and in one South Coast city, murals have begun to decorate the walls of buildings to honor his memory.

The protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police continues to spark protests on the Central and South Coasts.

They have been mostly peaceful in the region.  

The protests over the killing of George Floyd which have been occurring around the country are continuing on the Central and South Coasts Monday, but they remained peaceful in the region.