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No Charges Will Be Filed In Ventura Incident Involving Pickup Truck in Crowd Of Protesters

Ventura County prosecutors say no charges will be filed in connection with a low speed collision involving a pickup truck, and some protesters in Ventura.

It happened June 7th, outside of the Ventura County Government Center.  Demonstrators were on the sidewalk, but also on Victoria Avenue.  

Prosecutors say as the pickup truck approached the crowd, the driver motioned with his hand for them to move, but they surrounded it, and started pounding on it.

The driver and his passenger, who was pregnant, feared they would be hurt, so he drove forward slowly. A protester standing in front of the truck was knocked down, and a second reported being struck in the foot.

As the truck cleared the crowd, someone hit it with a skateboard.  The truck was dented and scratched by the crowd.  The driver drove a few blocks to a safe place, and called police.  The two protesters directly involved in the incident also called police.

Prosecutors noted that the protesters were breaking the law by being in the street, and that the driver acted in self-defense.

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