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Central Coast High Schooler Helps Fight Mask Shortage By Sewing Her Own

As wearing masks in response to coronavirus becomes widespread, the masks themselves are harder to find. For Madi Curran,  a ninth grader at Righetti High in Santa Maria, that's a problem she can help solve.

Curran learned to sew in the fourth grade, and when her mom asked her for a mask, she helped sew one. Now, she’s spending her time at home making masks, and donating them as well.

“Some of my mom’s friends are nurses, and they were asking if we could make them for the hospital to put over their medical masks to double the protection," Curran says. "So for every mask that I sell, I donate one to the hospital too.”

Curran can turn out up to 6 cloth masks a day with help from her mom, who brings in the fabric and distributes the masks.

She says she’ll keep sewing the masks as the coronavirus crisis continues, though ultimately, she’s looking forward to going back to school, whenever that becomes possible. 

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