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Ventura County Steps Up Coronavirus Related Orders; Everything From Car Sales To Funerals Impacted


Ventura County continues to beef up it’s stay at home orders to stop the spread of coronavirus, to include new restrictions on everything from auto sales to funerals.

Now, all public and private gatherings of two people or more are banned, unless it’s to operate an essential business or government service. Members of a household, or living unit can still take part in essential travel or activities.

Auto dealers and bike shops can no longer conduct in-person sales. Sales must be online, with the vehicle or bicycle delivered. Real estate open houses are banned.

Agents can do virtual viewings for potential buyers. If that’s not feasible, agents can do a showing to a potential buyer, but only two people can attend the viewing. And, no more than ten people are allowed for graveside funeral services.

Ventura County officials say the stay at home effort is critical to getting a lid on coronavirus in the county.

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