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Continuously failing to meet housing goals in Santa Barbara County

John Moeses Bauan
Between 2023 and 2031 the Regional Housing Needs Allocation Plan (RHNA) says Santa Barbara County has to create almost 25,000 new units or homes to address its housing shortage. For the City of Santa Barbara that number is just over 8,000 units.

Every eight years counties all across California are required to work with the state to come up with a plan that addresses local housing needs.

Santa Barbara County’s newly approved plan calls for the creation of almost 25,000 new units over eight years. It’s a 125 percent increase from the previous plan.

It’s a huge increase. The reason for it -- the county has never kept up with these housing goals in the past.

In this episode of The One Oh One, failing to meet housing goals in one Central, South Coast city. But also telling the stories of the lucky ones who have managed to find somewhere to live that they can afford.

You can read the digital version of this episode here.

Michelle Loxton joined KCLU in June 2021 as Podcast and Digital Content Producer.