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State Senator Who Represents Parts Of Ventura County Warns About The Threat Of Domestic Terrorism

Henry Stern

A State Senator who represents parts of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, has introduced plans for legislation to help the state detect and combat domestic terrorism. 

Democratic Representative Henry Stern of Malibu announced the plans less than week after a mob assault on the United States Capitol which left one police officer dead.

The draft bill is seeking to establish a State Threat Center which will especially focus on potential threats from white nationalists - specifically naming groups such as the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters and Ku Klux Klan.

Senator Henry Stern told KCLU, the legislation is needed now more than ever.

"When you see that radicalization go from general chatter, that's a very different category than the kind of organized malicia-based acts of violence," he said. 

"I worry what it becomes in ten years if we don't call it what it is and take it on directly. That it is going to come back and bite us in a way that's not a joke.

"Right now it's easy to laugh at a guy in a barbarian hat and say 'that's not us.' If we don't take this seriously, the joke's on us," Stern warned. 

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