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Central Coast Gyms Team Up To Protest Coronavirus Closures, Say They're "Essential Businesses"


Around 30 health and wellness businesses on the Central Coast have banded together – hoping to change statewide COVID-19 restrictions that prevent fitness centers from operating indoors.

The newly formed Wellness Coalition argues that fitness centers should be considered essential businesses due to the health benefits of working out.

From gyms, to martial arts centers and yoga studios, the businesses from San Luis Obispo County, have teamed up to form the Wellness Coalition.

They aim to challenge the state ordered restrictions in the purple tier, which orders them to close their indoor business.


Blake Beltram from the coalition told KCLU News that it’s not about disobeying the order, but that they should be reclassified as essential preventative healthcare.

“They should be deemed essential and should be open and operating for the duration of this pandemic. Closing or limiting access to these businesses is exactly the wrong thing to do," he said.