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Need Help With Public Transport On The South Coast? Now There's An App For That


Thousands of people ride public transit every day on the South Coast. Now, one county has added an app to make riding easier. 

While having a county transit app isn’t exactly a new idea, what is new is getting all of Ventura County’s different transit providers in one system.

“You have every operator in the county, every bus stop in the county, linked to this system," says Martin Erickson with the Ventura County Transportation Commission. "This gives you one place to go.”

Erickson says that the goal of the app is to make things easier for the area’s thousands of daily riders, and hopefully gain some converts.

“What we’re really trying to do is get people to take a step back and even consider changing some of their mobility habits," Erickson says. "If you’re used to driving every day, maybe you can look and see that there is an option for you to take a bus.”

The GOVC bus app is free for download on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

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