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South Coast Government Agency Launches App To Make It Easier For Public To Get Help

Photo by Ventura County Public Works Agency
VCWPA Connect!

A government agency on the South Coast is trying to make it easier for the public to get help.

The Ventura County Public Works Agency has launched VCPWA Connect! for a direct, convenient way for community members to report problems within the unincorporated areas of the county.

“It’s a new app that allows anybody with a cell phone to communicate with us and, more importantly, to communicate with the person who might be solving the problem or answer the question directly,” said Public Works Director Jeff Pratt.

The app can be used to report such issues as potholes, illegal dumping, flooding and landslides or to ask a question or make a comment. It will route the request, concern or comment to the proper department and will track the progress until it’s resolved. Previously, phone callers would be sent through a number of different people before getting to the right person.