international space station


Some South Coast researchers are trying to figure out something you’ve probably never thought about, and are reaching into space to find answers. How does sediment in waterways and oceans move, and come together? An experiment designed by some UC Santa Barbara researchers to look at that question was onboard a rocket launched from Florida Friday morning, carrying a payload of supplies to the International Space Station.

A South Coast man has a special connection to the International Space Station.

In 2013, Anacapa School students from Santa Barbara spoke to Astronaut Chris Cassidy who was aboard the International Space Station via a program called Amateur Radio on the International Space Station or ARISS.

The teacher of that class, Levi Maaia – who’s on the Board of the Santa Barbara Radio Club and is now earning his PhD in education at UC Santa Barbara – has been named to the ARRIS U.S Education Committee, which provides guidance on educational aspects of the program.