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Santa Barbara Home to Newborn Six Foot Baby (It's A Giraffe!)

(Santa Barbara Zoo photo)
Baby giraffe born at Santa Barbara Zoo is male; checks in at 6'8"

Santa Barbara is home to a brand new baby boy which stands more than six feet tall.

A giraffe named "Parker" was born at the Santa Barbara Zoo over the weekend. 

The Masai calf is six feet eight inches tall, and weighs 171 pounds.  The calf was able to stand for the first time less than an hour after being born. 

It's expected it will grow three feet during its first year of life.

The giraffe is part of an ongoing breeding program at 28 North American zoos intended to help the species, which is at risk due to habitat loss and poaching.

The calf is not on public display at the zoo yet, but is spending time bonding with its mother, Betty Lou.

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