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Rare California Condor Chick Hatches In Ventura County With Global Audience Watching

California Condor with chick which hatched Monday in Ventura County

It’s a tiny, newborn chick in a remote area of Ventura County, which isn’t even 24 hours old yet. But, it’s become a huge star on the internet, because it was the first California Condor chick to hatch in the wild during a live webcast.

The chick was born Monday morning in the Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge, in the Los Padres National Forest.  The chick has foster parents.  After their egg disappeared, a dummy egg was placed in the nest temporarily, and then a captive-bred egg was placed in the nest.

California Condors are on the federally endangered species list.  In 1980, a combination of factors reduce their population to less than two dozen, but a captive breeding and re-release program has helped get their numbers back to more than 400.

Link to live condor webcam: