As Protests Continue, Murals Spring Up In City Of Santa Barbara

Jun 3, 2020

The protests over the death of George Floyd continue across the nation, and in one South Coast city, murals have begun to decorate the walls of buildings to honor his memory.

The side of the EOS Lounge, a nightclub and discotheque one block from the city of Santa Barbara's busy State Street thoroughfare, is the site of the first mural.

It was painted by local artists Griffin Lounsbury and Chad "Chadillac" Green.

Since the mural's completion, passersby have stopped next to it to take pictures or leave candles and signs.

It's become a gathering place to pay respect to Floyd's memory.

A few blocks away, another mural on the side of Brownie's Market shows the clasped hands of a black and white person, with an accompanying quote from Nelson Mandela.

The city of Santa Barbara has a long history of stringent design regulations, and thus far, neither mural has been review by a city comittee.