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Snow much fun! South Coast holiday event brings snow to the beach

Snow and Glow in Ventura has snow tubing.

It’s often said that California is a place where you can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon.

There’s a fun holiday experience which is bringing the snow to the beach.

Snow may be expected in our mountain areas – but if you don’t have chains or a 4x4 - there’s a way your kids can play in the snow and it's located at the beach.

Part of the Ventura County Fairgrounds has been transformed into a winter wonderful of snow tubing, and festive lights, for the Holidays.

The event is called Snow and Glow, and CEO of Ventura-based CBF Productions, Vincenzo Giammanco, says it’s been fun to have folks back together, after they produced a drive-thru lights event at the same location during the holidays last year.

"This is a direct creation from the pandemic," he told KCLU.

"Last year we did a drive thru holiday show and we weren't really able to get out of the cars.

"This year when we could get out and see people again, we knew when we were back this year, we wanted to create Snow and Glow."

Giammanco says it's perfect for those who want snow without the drive.

"How awesome that you can do the snow tubing and then go home?" he says.

Having real snow at the beach isn’t easy – and there were a few teething troubles, which Giammanco says the have ironed out.

"It's funny because you plan and you plan and you plan but there are some challenges when you're making snow in California.

"We stumbled out the gate but now we know how to make snow!"

"It's all about the people you're with. We are happy to come together," he said.

Riders enjoying the snow tubing experience in Ventura

Those sliding down the steep snow slide, atop a rubber tube, certainly seem to be having a blast!

"It's a lot faster than I expected," says one.

Another agrees, "It's a lot of fun."

There’s also firepits for making S’mores and a walkway which, it's claimed, has a million lights.

And at the end…you might even get to meet a certain bearded gentleman!