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'We Will Be Waking Everybody Up': South Coast Airshow Returns With Loud Aircraft And An Acrobatic Helicopter

The Wings Over Camarillo Airshow returns after a break because of the pandemic

One of Ventura County’s most anticipated events is back this weekend, after an absence last year because of the pandemic.

A vintage aircraft is warming up to take off at Camarillo airport.

It’s one of many taking to the skies this weekend at the Wings Over Camarillo Airshow.

The event didn’t take place last year, and organizer Bill Thomas says it’s good to be back.

"We are an absolutely perfect situation as we have so few enclosed areas," Thomas told KCLU.

"It doesn't seem to matter how many times you do it, it's always new and exciting," he added.

Alongside displays from World War ll aircraft, parachutists and even a classic car parade – will be pilot Aaron Fitzgerald, who flies breathtaking aerobatics in a Red Bull helicopter.

Fitzgerald - who is a Ventura County local – takes the daredevil stunts in stride.

"It looks more dangerous than it is. Everything we do is well within the performance envelope of the helicopter," says Fitzgerald. "It's just really unusual for people to look up and see a helicopter doing those kind of maneuvers."

One aircraft that was scheduled to be there was a military transport – which had a last minute important duty to perform overseas.

A C-17 was getting ready to arrive at 10am on Friday, but, says Thomas, they got orders to fly to Afghanistan to help with the withdrawal of Americans from the country.

"Instead of going to Camarillo, they're going to Kabul," he said.

It all starts with a very noisy fighter jet, says Thomas, an F-18.

"We will be waking everybody up," he admits.

He says they're also mindful of warning the local animal shelter about the noise levels from the jet, so that the animals aren't alarmed.

The airshow runs noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.