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Smoke From Fires In Western U.S. Could Be With Central, South Coasts Through Week


The unprecedented string of wildfires on the West Coast is creating some of the biggest smoke-caused air pollution problems in Central and South Coast history.

Lyz Hoffman is with the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.  She says there's  a new online tool you can use to check the latest air quality for your area. 

The Environmental Protection Agency tool is embedded on the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control’s website, and  it works for anyone on the Central and South Coasts.

Hoffman says the forecast for the next few days isn’t good.   Outdoor activities might be hazardous in some places due to high pollution levels.

Meteorologists say until a low pressure system, and the jet stream now off the Pacific Northwest move onto the West Coast Friday, we will be stuck with the smoky conditions.

Air quality officials are urging people to stay up to date on the situation, and avoid being outside when pollution levels are elevated.

Hoffman says people, especially those at high risk are being urged to create “clean air rooms” in their homes, with information on how to create one available online.

You can buy a filteration device starting at around 70 dollars, or improvise one by putting a home air filter on the back of a floor fan.  She says another tip is that if you are in your car, use the recycle or recirculate mode on your air conditioner to avoid drawing smoky air into your vehicle.

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