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Ventura County Gives Preliminary Approval To New Blueprint To Manage County's Growth


Ventura County tentatively approved a plan which will serve as a blueprint for managing growth in the county for the next 20 years.  Ventura County Supervisors voted 3-to-2 Tuesday for a proposed new general plan.

It’s been in development for years, with dozens of hearings along the way.  Government agencies use general plans as a sort of a rulebook on development.  They provide guidelines for government planners, planning commissions, city councils, and county supervisors to make decisions on growth.

County Supervisors heard hours of testimony.  The final vote is set for September 15th, which gives county staff members time to answer questions raised during the public testimony.

Environmental groups are lauding one part of the plan, which requires oil wells to be at least 2500 feet from schools.  The plan also calls for studying proposal to increase the buffer zones for homes.

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