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South Coast Transit System Requiring Riders To Use Face Coverings; Using Social Distancing On Buses


A South Coast transit district has made some major new operational changes to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  Ventura County’s Gold Coast Transit District now wants everyone riding its buses to wear face coverings.  Bus drivers, and other essential Gold Coast staff members are already wearing masks.

At this point, wearing masks is not mandatory countywide, but some jurisdictions and businesses are requiring them.

In addition, to help with social distancing the number of passengers on buses is being limited.  Only ten passengers at a time are being allowed on the district’s 35-foot long busses.  Up to 14 passengers are being permitted on 40-foot buses.

The district is adding buses on heavily traveled routes, to accommodate the reduced bus capacity.  But, officials caution in some cases there may be delays.  The good news is that service continues to temporarily remain free.

District officials say ridership is down by more than a third, going from more than around 11,000 people an average weekday to around 3500. 

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