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Ventura County Singer/Songwriter Drawing National Attention With Unique Blend Of Folk, Rock Sounds

Ojai Singer/Songwriter Licity Collins is releasing her second album Friday.

She’s a Ventura County based singer and songwriter who is hard to put into a category, with her music ranging from a folk, to a more classic rock sound. Licity Collins says her inspirations come from life, specifically her life.   And now, the artist who's generated national interest is releasing her second album.

Collins grew up in Washington D.C. starting with classical music, including the cello, the saxophone, and later even choral music. She had a variety of jobs, many art related, as she moved around the country. Like many artists, Collins landed in LA.

But, a visit to relatives in a small town to see relatives helped her discovered she wanted a different lifestyle, which was what brought her to Ventura County.

Ojai is where she brought music back into her life. She bought a guitar, and it took off from there, mixing her writing with her unique style of music.

The initial result was the album “One Girl Town.” It ranges from soft, rich sounds to some almost hard edged rock. Her latest album debuts Friday. It’s called “Love Courage Yes: Live At The Underground Exchange.”

It include live versions of some of her previous songs, as well as some new spoken word additions.

The Ojai based singer/songwriter says instead of touring to back up her album, she’s planning to do residencies in a few cities, including performances with some local artists in each community.