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Woman Arrested After Driving Vehicle Over Side Of Highway On South Coast

John Palminteri

When a driver went 175 feet over the side of Highway 154 at Painted Cave Road Wednesday afternoon, the vehicle was not visible in the thick brush. 

The 911 call was cutting out, but the locator established a proximate area, and the driver was then told to hit her horn over and over so fire crews in the area could find her location.

Fire and emergency medical services, as well as search and rescue were all on the scene.

It took them several minutes to find the woman. When they did, theyused a rope and pulley system to help the woman up the embankment. 

"Santa Barbara County Fire personnel were able to listen and locate the horn of the victim," says Sky Bonillo of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

"At that point, we got everyone back up to this area, set up a rope system and then we were able to get people down the hillside, have a Santa Barbara County Fire Paramedic get down there, assess the victim and then bring them back them up."

Bonillo says the driver was not seriously hurt, but she was arrested for the possibility of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

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