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Art And Science Mix For Exhibition Which Gives People Experience Of Facing A Wildfire

The “Burn Cycle: Living With Fire” exhibit in Santa Barbara gives people a taste of what it's like to face a wildfire";s:

You can hear the wind whipping, and the flames crackling as you are surrounded on three sides by a raging brush fire. It’s an overwhelming, almost frightening experience. But, it isn’t real. It’s part of a new multimedia exhibit on the South Coast which mixes art and science, called “Burn Cycle: Living With Fire.”

Ethan Turpin is Creative Director, and Multimedia Artist behind “Burn Cycle.” It use three giant screens to take you through a wildfire which literally burns around, and by you as you stand in the middle of the exhibit area. The idea is to give you an understanding of the power, and intensity of a wildfire by experiencing it.

It just opened at Santa Barbara’s Community Arts Workshop on Garden Street. It’s a familiar space to people because during the summer it is home to Santa Barbara’s Summer Solstice Workshop.

John Smith is part of the exhibition’s technical team. He says it gets people thinking about the potential power, and threat of wildfires.

The exhibition runs through April 20th. It’s open to the public, and free.

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