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Governor's Task Force Calls For Series Of Steps To Better Deal With Wildfires

The Thome Fire burning outside of Fillmore in December of 2017

A new report by a task force created by the governor is calling for a number of steps to help the state deal with wildfires. It highlights the fact that when you include infernos like the Thomas Fire, and the Woolsey Fire, 10 of most destructive brush fires in the state’s history have occurred since 2015.

It calls for expanding fire prevention efforts, and for tougher codes to create defensible space for homes. The study says we need to add to fire response capability. And, there’s also a call for the federal government to do a better job of reducing the wildfire potential on federal lands.

The task force says utilities need to be held responsible for their roles in causing wildfires, as well as reducing the risk of future blaze.

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