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Kids Learn About Classic American Music At Santa Barbara Bowl Event

Some 3,000 stiudents learned about classic American music at an educational event Monday co-sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bow, and Children's Creative Project

Thousands of excited kids are headed into the Santa Barbara Bowl for a concert. But it’s not a rock, or rap event. It’s an education program which is exposing them to some American classics. The “Kids At The Bowl” event is giving some 3,000 children a taste of classic “Doo Wop.”

The Santa Barbara Bowl and the Children’s Creative Project teamed up for the show starring the more than three decade old group “The Alley Cats”. The group has been featured on PBS specials, and has performed everywhere from The White House to Disneyland.

The program provides a unique cultural experience for some 3000 students that many schools in the region simply couldn’t provide on their own. KCLU’s Lance Orozco brings you the sounds of the event.

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