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Mother Of One Of The Borderline Bar And Grill Victims Turns Pain Into Anti-Gun Activism

The impromptu memorial in Thousand Oaks for the Borderline Bar and Grill victims

It’s agony no one should have to face. It’s a pain that the families, and friends of the 12 victims of the Borderline Bar and Grill attack are still trying to come to terms with. Susan Orfanos talks about her 27 year old son, Tel Orfanos, who died in the November 7th shootings.

He was a U.S. Navy veteran who survived the mass shooting in Las Vegas, only to die in the Thousand Oaks attack.

She was a mother, and teacher a month ago, but the tragedy has turned her into an activist. Orfanos says Congress needs to act, and is asking people to look at their families, and especially their children. You hear the emotion in her voice. She’s speaking though her pain, and is stepping up to call for gun control because she feels that the message is important.

Orfanos says it’s frustrating, because we’ve seen mass shooting after mass shooting in America. She asks a simple question. When does it stop?

As she struggles to keep her composure, Orfanos says she doesn’t want prayers over the loss of her son. She doesn’t want people’s “thoughts.” She wants gun control.

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