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Habitat For Humanity, Army Of Volunteers Team Up To Help Military Families In Ventura County

The parking lot of a company in Westlake Village has been transformed into a construction zone by its 300 employees, who are building some pint size homes.

Workers at teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to build some playhouses for some military families based in Ventura County.

As rock music blares from speakers set up in the parking lot, it’s almost like a party as the army of volunteers works on the small shipping crate sized homes. Some of the houses are painted with Dr. Seuss or Disney characters. The families were able to give some suggestions on what they wanted. donated money for the 13 playhouses, as well as for other Habitat construction projects in the county. But, the volunteers say being able to volunteer feels more meaningful, because they can connect with some of the people they’re helping.

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