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Five Teens Hurt In Car Crash On South Coast, Including Two Riding In Car's Trunk

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a traffic accident on the South Coast which left five people hurt, including two teenage girls riding in the trunk of one of the cars at the time of the crash.

It happened just before six Saturday night, at the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Costa Del Oro in Oxnard. Oxnard Police say a car being driven by a 17 year old boy had four teenage passengers in it. Two were sitting in the car’s seats, but because there was a large speaker in the back seat, there was no more room, two other girls were riding in the car’s trunk.

Police are still investigating who was at fault, but the car loaded with the five teens was broadsided by another vehicle at the intersection. The teens in the trunk and one of the passengers were seriously injured, with the other two injuries reported a minor.

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