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After Three Month Shutdown Due To Coronavirus Crisis, Santa Barbara Zoo Set To Reopen


The Santa Barbara Zoo has announced plans to reopen following a three month closure due to coronavirus safety concerns.  The Zoo will welcome members again starting June 20th, and the public on June 23rd.  But, going to the Zoo is going to be a different experience, with reservations required and a number of coronavirus safety protocols in place.

If you want to go to the Zoo, you have to make a reservation and buy your tickets online.  You can't walk up to the Zoo gate and buy tickets.  The reservation system is an effort to limit the number of visitors at the Zoo at any given time to help with social distancing.  The tickets will be for a specific date and a specific time.

Zoo visitors will also find differences during their actual visit.  When you arrive, you will follow a spcific path through the zoo.  It's intended to keep people from congregating in some popular areas.  You can find more details on the changes, and make reservations here:

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