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Number of Coronavirus Cases On Central, South Coasts Tops 2100; Federal Prison Accounts For 800+

The federal prison complex in Lompoc.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts has zoomed past the 2100 mark, largely fed by a huge outbreak at a federal prison complex.

The numbers may not be exact, because of differences in reporting between Santa Barbara County and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports 823 inmates at the federal prison complex in Lompoc have tested positive.

That’s about three-quarters of all the inmates.

Two coronavirus-related inmate deaths have been reported, and 25 staff members have also tested positive.

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Gregg Hart says the county has tried to help the federal prison deal with the crisis, but has been rebuffed. A hospital has been set up at the prison complex to try to handle the outbreak in house.

652 people have tested positive in Ventura County, more than 450 in Santa Barbara County aside from those connected to the prison complex, and 212 cases have been documented in San Luis Obispo County.

There have been 31 deaths, most involving older people with pre-existing health conditions. The totals include 19 deaths in Ventura County, 11 in Santa Barbara County and one in San Luis Obispo County. Most involved older adults with preexisting health conditions.

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