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South Coast Food Pantry Gears Up For Increased Demand As Coronavirus Crisis Continues


The governor’s stay-at-home order defines getting food as an essential activity, so Foodshare of Ventura County will continue to serve roughly 75,000 people a month. 

“Nobody needs to worry about going hungry. We have enough food to serve those in need," says Vivien Minton, Marketing Director at the Foodshare of Ventura County. 

She says that as restaurants close, they're donating their food to the pantry, and food supply lines are staying strong.

The issue now is keeping enough healthy volunteers to hand that food out.

“[Volunteers] will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly when they arrive, they will be provided with gloves, and they will be kept six feet away from each other at all times," Minton says. "We’ve marked out all the various areas in the facility.”

You can find more information on volunteering, or accessing the pantry, online at

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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