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A new campaign is designed to help some Tri-Counties residents switch to all-electric appliances

A new campaign aims to help Tri-County residents interested in the switch from gas-powered to all-electric appliances

Do you have gas-powered appliances in your home?

The campaign – called The Switch is On – provides education on the value of swapping out gas powered appliances for electric, and includes information on a variety of incentives to make the switch more affordable.

Marisa Hanson-Lopez, the program manager for 3C-REN – the tri-counties regional energy network – who are partners on the campaign, says an all-electric home has many benefits both to residents and the environment.

An all-electric home reduces health risks, contributes to a more resilient energy system, supports the state’s decarbonization goals, and in many cases can save money for homeowners, says Hanson-Lopez.

3C-REN (The Tri-County Regional Energy Network), a partnership between the Counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura that delivers energy-saving programs and building industry trainings, partnered with the Building Decarbonization Coalition for the campaign to help Tri-County residents interested in the switch from gas-powered to all-electric appliances.

This campaign is the first of its kind in California.

The “Switch is On” offers residents the opportunity to speak one-on-one with home electrification advisors, find local vetted contractors, get information on incentives and rebates, and find additional resources about home electrification.

“The state is pushing a lot of funding towards electrification to meet climate goals and improve public health,” said Hanson-Lopez.

“As a result, prices for technologies like heat pumps will be significantly lower and we want local residents to be prepared to take advantage of the savings opportunity; when your gas water heater goes out, you can replace it with a highly efficient heat pump!”

The campaign provides education about the value of swapping out gas-powered water heaters, dryers, cooktops, and furnaces for electric alternatives, and provides information on a variety of incentives to support the switch, including those offered by 3C-REN.

The campaign also educates homeowners about clean energy initiatives such as energy efficiency and weatherization, and related technologies like home solar and battery storage.