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New oak grove being created at South Coast park

ventura tree alliance.jpg
Ventura Tree Alliance

It's a way of enhancing community health and well-being. The effort to bring more trees to an urban community on the South Coast starts Thursday.

Around ten new oak trees are being planted at Community Park in Ventura, as part of a bigger project to add an oak grove of fifty trees - spearheaded by the non-profit Ventura Tree Alliance.

Barbara Brown is one of the organizers and she told KCLU she was inspired to start the project after noticing how many empty tree wells were in the city.

She said: "A healthy urban forest enhances community health and well-being. Trees are a climate solution. They moderate heat and wind, mitigate building energy use and CO2 emissions, improve air and water quality, decrease rainfall runoff and flooding, provide homes for plants and animals and lower sound pollution.

"And like anyone who wants to do their part to make a difference for the future of our world, this is a small thing that can make a big difference."

There will be volunteer opportunities to assist with planting and mulching. More information on the project is at

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