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Some Central, South Coast Residents Being Asked To Participate In Survey Of Mental Health Impacts Of Pandemic

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(Image courtesy of Santa Barbara County)
A survey into effects of the pandemic on mental health is taking place in Santa Barbara County

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your mental health? That's the question being asked of Santa Barbara County Residents.

Isolation, quarantine, remote learning and job insecurity have affected most of us in the past 18 months, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa Barbara County residents are being invited to respond to a survey to help identify the support needed for mental health and substance misuse disorders – explains Suzanne Grimmesey, from the County of Santa Barbara Department of Behavioral Wellness.

"What we want to know is exactly how the pandemic has impacted our Santa Barbara community," she told KCLU.

Data gathered through the survey will be used to identify and tailor services to meet the needs of community members, explained Grimmesey.

"The county has received some funding which will then allow us to put necessary services in place but not just guess - really put the right services in that are specific to our local community," she said.

The survey is available electronically in English and Spanish, and on the County’s website at