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Drought Conditions Causing Coyotes And Other Predators To Seek Food And Water In Residential Areas

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Ventura County Animal Services
Wild animals are coming to residential neighborhoods.

As the drought worsens, there are warnings about an increase in wildlife roaming into residential neighborhoods on the South Coast.

Last week, a mountain lion attacked a 5-year-old boy near his home in Calabasas.

Randy Friedman, from Ventura County Animal Services, says that predatory wildlife are likely to be moving closer to homes to seek water and food during the on-going drought conditions.

"You have to understand that we are the guest - we have moved into their habitat that they've been in for a very long time," Friedman told KCLU.

"They've had to adjust where they're getting their food from," added Friedman.

He said that it's important to keep pets indoors during dawn and dusk, when predators are at their most active.

He also advised making sure there are no sources of food attracting other animals and suggested removing sources of water like bird baths.