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Some South Coast Homes Able To Monitor Water Usage In Real Time With Electronic Meters

Triunfo water meter.jpg
Triunfo Water & Sanitation District
Electronic water meters are being installed in some homes.

A more efficient way to track and conserve water usage is being installed in some Ventura County homes.

Electronic water meters are being installed in eastern parts of Ventura County.

They are a way for customers to monitor their water usage in real-time and even to receive warnings of excessive usage says Mark Norris, General Manager for Triunfo Water and Sanitation District.

"It's a valuable tool with helping customers identify water leaks or issues they may have with their irrigation timer," he told KCLU. "Or if they have faulty plumbing, maybe a leaky toilet."

He said they've even had issues where a customer has been away and a neighbor has used their water supply, and he says the new meters helped identify the unauthorized usage.

It’s hoped they’ll be rolled out more widely.