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Bridging The Digital Gap For Older Adults And People With Disabilities In Ventura County

Aleksander Vlad
VC Connects is a new program bringing computers to the homes of individuals who otherwise don't have access to a digital device.

A new program to connect older adults and people with disabilities with computers and digital devices has launched in Ventura County.

The computer kits can be obtained from libraries.

The pandemic has pushed communication online more than ever before.

But what about those in the community who don’t have access to computers or devices?

That’s a digital gap that VC Connects hopes to bridge, says Janette Jauregui, spokesperson for the County of Ventura.

"There has been a gap in technology being available to older adults and people with disabilities throughout this county. That became more emphasized during the COVID-19 crisis.

"The populations that we service became more isolated. We began to realize it was critical that we provide a program that brings these devices to the homes of these individuals," said Jauregui.

The computer kits are at no charge, and can be obtained at a Ventura County Library with a library card.

VC Connects also offers tips and resources. An active Ventura County Library card is required to access the free service.